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Home of Unique Vehicles of America

What is so Unique about Unique Vehicles Club?

   A unique vehicle is only one of its kind motorized mobile machine such as but not limited to cars, trucks, buses, RVs, motor homes, motorcycles, trikes, boats, hover craft and experimental aircraft.

  We classify our vehicles in three categories instead of make, model, and year.  Our categories are Air, Land, and Water Vehicles. There are many subcategories under each main category.

 Are Works-N-Progress welcomed?

  Fabricators of Unique Vehicles are rarely satisfied with projects and always improving upon their projects. We encourage our members to share their ideas and experiences at any stage of design and development. We also encourage members to be daring, think out of the box, and free to express their ideas.

What is the difference between Classic Cars and Unique Vehicles?

 Even though Classic Cars are often works of art most are restored vehicles which were manufactured in large numbers.

 Unique Vehicles are one–of–a-kind and usually made from many different parts of different manufactured vehicles or hand fabricated parts.